It’s clear that school is negatively impacting families. Parents protest loudly about the inadequacies of school. The picture up top makes me laugh, and so does this crazy homework assignment a Texas teacher handed out to fourth graders. 

But I wouldn’t be laughing if it were my life. I’d feel trapped in the middle class. Because it’s the middle class who suffers most from schools, which is why I am pretty certain things will never get better.

The rich people treat school like homeschool already. The most expensive schools function like homeschool with really good private tutors and high-flying play groups.

The lower class don’t mind the interruptions to family life because they are a small price to pay for the free childcare that these families cannot live without.

Which means it’s the middle class who are most negatively affected by school.

It’s the middle class who are protesting that it’s impossible to get kids into great schools.

It’s the middle class who are protesting so loudly against the common core that they are even getting arrested.  After all the rich kids don’t need the common core because their schools don’t need funding, and poor families have bigger things to worry about than which math book kids are using.

We have no idea what makes a good teacher—really, there is no reliable, quantified research. But we do know that what kids really need is family time.