I want to tell my friends who send their kids to school to STOP STOP STOP this is crazy. Ours will be the last generation of educated parents to send their kids to public school. How will you explain to your kids that you didn’t see that school is a waste of time? Will you say everyone else was doing it? Really? STOP STOP STOP!!!

But I don’t say that. I listen patiently when parents tell me about neglected genius math students, violent gym classes and wayward IEPS. I profess empathy even though I am so much better in lecture mode than empathy mode.

We went to music camp in Seattle with friends, a boy and a girl who are the same ages as my sons. I love the kids. The girl is so much like me:  scattered, indignant, creative, bright. She is most endearing to me when she is spacing out.

I think to myself, “She needs to get out of school.” But I love her mom. So I don’t say it.

Once I tried to tell her mom what to do, how to run her life. And her mom said, “You think you are so smart and you can save the whole world by telling them what to do, but you can’t.”

And she’s right. And I love her for saying that to me. And I love her for forgiving me.

So I keep my mouth shut about school. And I am so happy traveling with them.

Tonight I found a family that makes videos together. They made a video about sending kids to school. It’s absurd. It’s everything we talk about on this blog, especially how parents use school for babysitting, not education.

The video was so well done, so I started digging in a little, and I realized that the family makes a lot of really fun videos. I saw one about when the dad had an hour to clean up the house before his wife got home, and he made a video instead. I love this video. Watch it!

I thought to myself: this guy is so fun. My husband would like to hang out with him.

And that’s really how I get along with my friends who send their kids to school. I focus on something else. It’s hard, but I do it because the truth is that none of my close friends homeschool. And I don’t know how they stay friends with me when they read this blog.

So I focus on the good. Focusing on the good is not something I consciously teach my kids, but it’s a survival skill they have to know if you also teach your kids to go against the grain.