When I was dating my husband and he was trying to get rid of me (over and over again) he would frequently invoke the idea that if my kids and I moved to his farm, we’d be snowed in a lot. “You might get snowed in ten or fifteen days a winter.”

The idea seemed glorious, and only served to make me more persistent every time he tried to break up. 

Once I got to the farm, I made a point of working fewer hours on snowy days. Even though I work from home and there’s no one to tell me it’s a snow day, I love curling up on the sofa with my boys and my books and the dog who can never get warm enough. On the farm you can hear the quiet of the snow and the heavy breathing of the boys who are really, to be honest, just sitting there with me to make me happy because they want to play video games.

I know I’m not the only person with a fetish for snow days because the Restoration Hardware catalogue — the visual index to what’s trending now —is full of kids in playrooms engaging in intricate, peaceful activities that could only happen on a snow day with no school, no activities scheduled, no errands to run. You can imagine, in photo after photo, that any minute the Restoration Hardware catalogue will be full of parents bringing in grilled cheeses cut into hearts and airplanes for the kids to eat in their over-decorated playrooms.

Of course, the snow day motif in the catalogue looks like every day for homeschoolers.

But what I need to tell you now is that St. Cloud Cathedral school in Minnesota cancelled snow days. Last Monday, throughout the northern US,  snow came earlier than anyone except global warming fanatics could have expected. Many schools had snow days, but not St Cloud Cathedral. That school just put everything online.

There are great quotes from administrators talking about how incredibly easy it was for teachers to put lessons online. This is a private school. There is no government telling them they have to do things in a common core, federally funded way. And there was no doubt that the kids would be able to complete their lessons at home, without the aid of teachers. There was great fanfare about how the world has changed and the old rules about school no longer apply.

The only thing left for the school administrators to say is that they are closing school for good and that everyone should do online school from home. But school administrators would never say that because then they’d be out of a job.