You know all those ads that say “Make $2000 a month from home!” They are not lying, but it’s a minimum wage job doing work on the phone that requires almost no skill except to sound like you live in the US.

Which is to say those jobs are terrible.

Once you decide to homeschool, you are already making a commitment to quality of life. You are deciding that your kids should not squander their days doing uninteresting work at school, so it’s logical that you also would not want to spend your day doing uninteresting work.

So here are three non-terrible ways to earn money from home while you homeschool your kids.

1. High-risk projects
You can write, or do art, or write music, or be an inventor or any of that pie-in-the sky stuff that wacky people do who are in no rush to earn money, because it could take decades, or longer. But the truth is that if you have this kind of stuff inside you, you’re probably not waiting for me to tell you to do it.

2. Freelancing
If you had a skill before you had kids—one that people were willing to pay for—then you still have that skill. Freelancing is a way for you to leverage an established network and established skills. The only thing you need to get the guts to freelance is a plan of action.

3. Launch an online business
The great thing about an online business is that it’s dirt-cheap to launch and there’s huge margin for error since you won’t be spending money. There is almost no face-to-face selling, and online businesses are more tactical than social, so it’s not like you are opening a local store or anything.  You can work on the business when it’s convenient to you, and believe it or not, you control how much money you make.

I am known for launching startups, but the startups are always huge, high-risk bets that don’t pan out for years and years. In fact, I still have a big chunk of stock from my last startup, and every day I say a prayer to the startup gods that the guy who is CEO now sells it for a gazillion dollars.

But of course I have to earn money while I wait for my millions to come in from my startups. I do that by launching online businesses. Sometimes it’s one I’ve been planning for months, and sometimes I fall into something that is good for me.

Today I’m offering a course titled, Launch an Online Business. It’s a peek into how I keep my family financially solvent while I homeschool my kids. And also it’s a crash course on how people are making money online.

Some of it will be surprising, like drop-shipping refrigerators or engaging in arbitrage. And some of it will be a relief, like working with your friends and writing about topics you love.

The course will give you my blueprint for launching an online business that leverages your strengths. And after coaching hundreds of people I realize that this is probably what we all want from our work: to know we’re doing something we’re good at… Well, that and money.

Here are the details:

The course will be 8pm – 9pm EST Mon. Feb. 23 through Thurs. Feb. 26. It’s $195 but if you sign up in the next four days, the cost is $147. The course includes four days of live video sessions, live chat and email-based course materials. If  you miss the live sessions you can view them on demand.

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Here’s what you’ll get from the course:

Launch an Online Business

Day one: Find the best business for you to launch

An online business is very low-cost to start. There is almost no overhead, you do not need investors and you can build your business at whatever pace you want. Which means you have a lot of choices—so many that it’s hard to know how to start.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to start an online business. This session will help you find the business model that will actually help you build the life you want.

Do you want to earn some extra spending money on the side? Do you need a great job on your resume? Are you bored with your life, or looking for a new project?

This session will cover:

  • The 5 types of online businesses that work
  • The online business that best leverages your particular strengths
  • The type of online business that will meet your financial goals

Day Two: Create a launch plan

One reason an online business is so low-cost to launch is that you can customize your business to play to skills you already have. So much of success comes from self-knowledge. The more clearly you understand your strengths, the more smoothly your business will operate.

I’ve spent years testing launch plans, and I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. In this session you’ll learn best practices for people who are just like you. Once you have a blueprint for a successful launch, your confidence will increase and so will your productivity; there’s nothing like a clear, tactical plan to make you go after your dreams.

This session will cover:

  • The launch-plan template I’ve used many times for my own online businesses
  • 7 Low-cost ways to make your site look great from the start
  • How to shut down the noise and outside pressure and focus on the essentials of launching

Day Three: Make your first month great, and then you’re home free

 What you are really after is a sustainable online business, one you can count on to make money. To that end, we’ll focus this session on crafting systems that create customers.

I will show you the quick, free system I’ve developed for testing online business models, so you can find a system that works for you. We will explore the most popular strategies for drawing customers to your site, and teach you how to convert website traffic to paying customers.

This session will cover:

  • Proven systems online entrepreneurs use to generate sales
  • Tactics for pinpointing the weak spot in the sales process and fixing it
  • Methods for evaluating success; how to turn failures into success in just one day

Day Four: Live Q&A

This session will be a live workshop where I help you vet your ideas (so you know what businesses won’t work at all), and find the best business to launch. During this live Q&A I can give you direct feedback and answer any questions you have about running an online business.

The course will be 8pm EST  Mon. Feb. 23 through Thurs. Feb. 26. It’s $195 but if you sign up in the next seven days, the cost is $147. The course includes four days of live video sessions, live chat and email-based course materials. If  you miss the live sessions you can view them on demand. 

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