The majority of teachers in elementary schools in the US are SJ types. The majority are ISFJ or ESFJ. Here’s what we know about these teachers.

  • They like predictability.
  • They have a strong need to maintain control.
  • They like quiet desk work with some lectures sprinkled in-between.
  • They prefer workbooks over free time.
  • They think about staying organized in the moment.
  • They are not interested in the future.
  • They are not interested in doing things differently unless they’re forced to.

This means that when you send your child to elementary school it’s likely that their teacher will teach how to follow rules and never try anything new.

The opposite type of teacher would be something like an ENFP. An ENFP encourages the exploration of the unknown, which inspires people to do great things, of course.

But why would someone who inspires people to do great things choose to be involved in a totally uninspired system? They won’t, of course. (Maybe this is why ENFPs are the most likely not to graduate from college.)

So when you worry that your child needs a traditional school teacher, think again: your child probably needs the opposite of most teachers, and if you are willing to risk taking your children out of school, then you qualify to be their teacher by dint of the fact that you are taking a risk to try to inspire greatness.