Personality type is an important part of homeschooling because personality type provides guideposts to how your child learns and how he or she finds fulfillment.

Microsoft just bought Minecraft and made it an educational site. It’s education for a lot of reasons, but the core reasons Minecraft is educational is because kids are able to learn in exactly the particular way they are interested. It’s a near-perfect opportunity for self-directed learning.

Which means that each kid will express their personality type in the way they use Minecraft. And a fun way to tell what your kid’s type by how he or she plays Minecraft.

ENTJ – This kid gathers the most resources of anyone and then leads a faction to plunder resources from others.

INTJ – This kid builds factories to make resources, so then he can collect resources without doing the work.

ESFP – This kid plays PVP and loves being part of a team of kids that share a common goal — liberal use of the chat feature.

ESTP – This kid is part of a faction. He is the one who gets the work done terrorizing other factions.

ESTJ – This kid aspires to be a moderator and then an admin, then senior admin.

ISTJ – This kid makes intricate maps that work very well for fun game play, but he never plays.

ISTP – This person plays PVP but disappears without any warning when things get boring.

INFJ – This person is part of a faction but gets increasingly annoyed that faction members cannot be trusted. Eventually quits playing.

ENFJ – Plays whatever the other kids are playing. Versatile and competent, the ENFJ makes everyone feel like a better player no matter what type of play they choose.

ENTP – Part of a faction but defects whenever she sees something a better one.

ESFJ – Plays PVP. Not very good at the game, but great at chat, so everyone wants to play with them.

ISFJ – Plays PVP and gives other players their best resources. Gets killed early every time.

ISFP – Makes gorgeous buildings and monuments but is shocked when hackers destroy them.

ENFP – This kid builds mysterious places to go in Minecraft that creep everyone out.

INTP – Joins a faction but only tentatively because this kid can’t stop asking questions before committing to the faction.

INFP – This kid becomes a moderator in order to help people get along – being alone for long hours as a moderator is an extra bonus.

Even without Minecraft quirks,  you can figure out your child’s personality type. And after that, you’ll have a much better idea how to educate your child, and how to help your child leverage their particular strengths as they head into adulthood.