The greatest thing about Boston Magazine’s cover article on homeschooling is that it says stuff we already know, but it says the stuff in a mainstream publication, about mainstream parents:

  • The smartest parents are taking their kids out of school.
  • The harshest critics of schools are the former teachers.
  • Kids don’t have time to explore their passions when they’re in school.

Bridget Samburg, the author, took a look at homeschoolers from top school districts in the country like Newton, Brookline, and Wellesley, which are full of parents who, by any measure, live in great school districts but still brought their kids home to learn.

I also liked the quote from the dad who was addressing concerns that parents can’t get kids ready for college. He said, “I thought whatever a teacher can do with 30 students, I can do with four.”

I also like that his daughters told him they were sick of schlepping into Boston to see cultural institutions and events. So he (reluctantly) stopped.

And I learned something about myself, as well. Samburg concludes, “As a whole, the homeschooling community is surprisingly nonjudgmental, at least when it comes to how to educate your kids once you opt out of the system.”

This is true. I support any type of homeschooling. It all seems fine to me. I get giddy every time I hear one more family took their kids out of school.