This is a guest post from Sarah Faulkner. She is a homeschooling mom in Washington state. She has five kids, ages 13, 11, 9, 5, and 2. 

I keep my children home because I have as many issues as my in-laws think I do.  Truly, I am a bit to the far left of sanity, but that’s because I am always bored. I think that’s why people don’t want to homeschool.  You have to be a bit crazy.

I’m not going to lie to you, being home with 5 kids isn’t always wonderful.  If you were hoping to read a nice cheery post encouraging you to get out of bed, without medical mental help, sorry.

I often wonder why I have kids because I don’t really like people.  People annoy me all the time, and being an lonely only I don’t really know how to communicate with children.  Yet, here I am with 5 kids, and some days I wish I had more. Those are the statements that confirm to everyone I have issues.

Days that are crazy, that I can’t breathe and I huddle in the bathroom with the shower running to drown the banging of on the door, those days I think. “Why even have one?”

 I also wonder how do they find me when I hide from them?  Can they smell fear?  Or is it the candy stash I have hidden, the scent of sugar betraying me?

I talked to moms all the time, who tell me they can’t do what I do.  They couldn’t have five kids, they can’t homeschool, they can’t foster care, or they could never be married to Andy.  Good.  He’s mine.  The fact is I could give you 100 good sappy reasons why you should homeschool, foster care, have kids, be married, and on your first hard day you are going to tell me I’m full of it.

See, in order to have a fun life, in order to enjoy your kids, and live with no regrets you need to be willing to have hard days.  Days where you can’t get out of bed.  You can’t have the best time of your life, without the worse times.  Nothing is so sweet like make up sex, and nothing is so amazing as a successful day of homeschooling.  Like good sex, good school days are hard to come by.  Learn to embrace the bad, learn to love it.  Dance on the wrong side of sanity, and you will have a fun life, with no regrets.