The new word for he is ne and the new word for she is ne, too. Because we should not assume gender identification just from looking at someone. Read more

Someone who writes with misspellings is someone who is not detail-oriented. But who cares? Only half the world pays attention to details. Spellcheck insures that when the writing counts, the spelling will be right. I imagine many of you are up-in-arms thinking your kids can’t get a job without knowing how to spell. Read more

What do you do with a kid who wants to quit school? Let them. Of course. No matter what they want to do instead of going to school, we are always more successful in life if we are doing what we are self-motivated to do. Read more

Passover is the time Jewish people get together and tell the story of Exodus so the kids learn where they came from (we were slaves in the land of Egypt… is the refrain). But no story you’ve heard every year for your whole life is interesting, so part of Passover is making the story fun for kids. Read more

How many parents do you hear saying this: “I love all the choices my adult children make, they are leading exactly the life I hoped for them.”

Zero, right?

So I’m starting to think that homeschooling is just parents accepting this much sooner.

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I’ve been stuck on the Time magazine article I told you about, the one that says homework before sixth grade does more damage than good because the arguments between parents and children aren’t worth it. The article reports that by age eleven, kids can take responsibility for meeting their own goals. Read more

When I look back at photos of the beginning of homeschooling, I realize that the first stage of homeschooling is imposter syndrome. It happened to me day after day. For so many days. Read more

The idea of learning for the sake of learning comes from the Renaissance. It’s the first time in history that people celebrated the idea of sitting around reading secular material, purely for the joy of learning new ideas. Read more

This is a guest post from Sarah Faulkner. She is a homeschooling mom in Washington state. She has five kids, ages 14, 13, 10, 7, and 3.

My oldest children are in Cub Scouts, which seems stupid to me, and a total waste of my time.  When you are around your kids 24/7 you don’t need anything extra to build togetherness.  I have a strict policy about not getting involved, so my husband, who is not home 24/7, handles all  scout requirements.  I only show up for the big events.  Socially, I am a bad mom. Read more