What do you do with a kid who wants to quit school? Let them. Of course. No matter what they want to do instead of going to school, we are always more successful in life if we are doing what we are self-motivated to do.

School is largely stifling to kids who are inherently self-directed learners. Also, fifty percent of the world probably should not be in a traditional school setting because they perform better learning in other ways, or doing other things. It’s driven by their personality, not intelligence.

For example, an ISTP is good with their hands and good with logic. They don’t need high-level, theoretical academic learning to excel. And ENTJs are good at leadership, but in school there is a teacher leading, and an administration leading, and all the leadership opportunities for kids in school are make-believe.

Research published in Psychology Today shows that dropping out of school indicated a child’s ability to specialize in something he or she is good at. Because specializing is also about knowing what you’re not good at.

If kids want to drop out of high school they likely already know what they want to do, so you don’t need any idea about how to homeschool them. They are, after all, not asking to leave high school so they can stare at the wall. They have some other idea of what they are going to do. Let that unfold. Let them learn in that way.

And don’t think that the kids who want to quit school need to know exactly what they want to. They only have to be brave enough to start discovering what they want to do. Because that, after all, is what adult life is, and the longer kids put off doing it, the harder it becomes to remember what you’re self-motivated to do.

If you can get your expectations out of the way about what education is, you will be you and your kid will be your kid and you will each do what makes you happy. So much of unschooling is having faith in your kids to be their particular, curious selves. And most of your own happiness in life comes from you having faith in yourself that you can make good choices, even when those choices are not the same as others around you.

You don’t need to know all the answers to let your kids leave school. It’s okay. Let them enjoy their youth. And then you can enjoy it with them.