Melissa told me about a new company that makes makeup in extra small sizes to fit in a purse. Most company ideas are terrible, so when I hear about a new company I start thinking about why it’s terrible.

I tell her there’s no barrier to entry. A barrier to entry  is what keeps another, bigger company from doing the same thing. For example, I could start a company that sells black t-shirts with green trim because I’ve never seen those.

Let’s just pretend, for one minute, that people might want to buy that shirt. Let’s say I got people all excited about it. Well, then there are about 100,000 other companies better positioned than I am to manufacture and sell those t-shirts. (Gap, Target, Walmart, etc.)

So I told Melissa any company could make small sizes of makeup. So if the company is actually addressing a huge need, there are a million other companies that can address that need. (Estee Lauder, MAC, NARS… you get the idea.)

Then Stowaway sent me product samples. And I love them. The first thing I love is that they sent me five things: blush, lipstick, eye liner, concealer and mascara. Because having little samples that fit nicely everywhere made me realize I don’t need to carry around so much makeup.

I also love that everything is small. Why do I have such huge cases of makeup? I never use them up and they take up too much space. I’m sold on Stowaway.

I told Melissa I loved the makeup. She was smug, of course. I am not as fast to be open minded as she is. I am always too quick to want to say something is stupid. Because then I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to reorganize how things line up in my brain.

It’s exhausting to have to process information that challenges the notions I already have. I am great at coming up with a million points of denial, a million logical arguments for why I do not need to process new information.

I think I used to be this way about homeschooling. The first homeschool family I met, years before I started homeschooling, I wrote off as too weird and lacking ambition and no point trying to be friends. Then the mom turned out to be a great support system for me when I took my kids out of school.

Sometimes I forget how anyone could think homeschooling is not right for them. But then I have moments, like when I said no to Stowaway, and I remember how hard it can be to accept a new idea.