I love writing on this blog, but if I’m being honest with myself, I’m not sure I’d write here if I didn’t need to support my family. It’s true that I started writing about education because I wanted to figure out what to do with education for my own family. But it’s also true that writing a blog is a lot of work.

And when I started writing this blog I was not homeschooling. I wrote the blog while the kids were in school. Once I started homeschooling, this community became an invaluable resource for me to turn to for support and information. So I kept writing.

Then I took a break. Of sorts. But I realized that I’m also writing this blog to make money. I make a lot of money coaching parents who are homeschooling or thinking of homeschooling. I don’t think I noticed how much money I was making doing that until I wasn’t writing on this site.

The best way to get yourself writing a blog is to depend on it for income. Sort of like the best way to get actresses to lose weight is to threaten to take their job away if they don’t lose weight.

When you support a family with a blog you have to always be trying new stuff. Sometimes I try new stuff like try a million ways to get a business line of credit (the answer is no). I’ve tried measuring my work hours with a billable time-tracking app (my kids are right – I am always working). And this week I am trying discounted coaching sessions (as a wake-up-early hack).

Erin Wetzel is a frequent contributor here, and she paints for a living. She is always trying new ideas to see which paintings will sell. This is her most recent idea. And seeing her try new things makes encourages me to test new ideas as well.

During the next few weeks I’m going write more about getting ready for applying to college. Hopefully that will work out well.

But there are some problems with this topic. For example, the goal for colleges is the manage their luxury brand so they get “good” applicants so those applicants can give money to the college. (This is why kids of alumni have a 40% higher chance of getting in and probably use an essay service to boot.)

Also, I have said that the point of education is to have a good childhood and a good life. Getting into college is not an end game. Yet here I am, paying the tutors to put pressure on my son to absorb more test-taking data so he can have a lot of choices for college. Not that I  haven’t been a hypocrite on this site before. But perhaps not to this degree.

So I guess I’ll also be trying something new in the department of hypocrisy. But at least I won’t have to worry about making money. And maybe down the line someone will offer me a contract that requires me to lose weight.