I am aware that I have poor taste when it comes to clothes –– I just don’t have an instinct about what other people think looks sane. My younger son described my style as a “six-year-old with a sophisticated eye for taffeta.” I bought my older son clothes that I saw other kids his age wearing which meant he wore brand names like deflector shields so he could avoid being associated with bad taste. Read more

My son was in a preschool classroom with ten kids who could read by age three. The kids all had autism diagnoses because the correlation between reading by age three and Autism was widely known, even back then. The teachers permitted only books without words, and toys could not have any letters on them. The teachers aimed to have the kids spend more time playing like neurotypical three-year-olds and less time decoding language. Read more

When the CDC placed a moratorium on evictions, 18% of renters had fallen behind during COVID and could be evicted. The CDC warned that we were on the edge of a homelessness crisis. Today that number is 14%. Yet the moratorium could expire this month, and renegade landlords are already pursuing evictions. Read more

I know I bet my whole reputation on homeschooling. How many times did I tell people they DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING TEACH MATH TO THEIR THIRD GRADER? And how many arguments did we have on this blog about whether or not you have to learn grammar? Here are all the three big homeschooling arguments I win:

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