Colleges don’t want generalists in their schools. Colleges want a whole class of well-rounded specialists. For homeschoolers who want to go to a top college, they will need to specialize. Here are some tips for helping your kid find a specialty. Read more

I recently read this op-ed in the Chicago Tribune. A teacher wrote it. He has a typical story about how he thought homeschooling was terrible when he was teaching in Chicago public schools. He talked about socialization, math, all the objections we’ve heard a million times. Read more

The SAT is important for kids who don’t go to school. Your SAT score tells admissions officers whether you can handle the workload of a college environment. Read more


I have heard homeschooling parents talk about a need for student portfolios, as a way to show what homeschooled kids accomplished since they don’t have traditional grades.

But that seems like a waste of time to me. Read more

The greatest thing about Boston Magazine’s cover article on homeschooling is that it says stuff we already know, but it says the stuff in a mainstream publication, about mainstream parents:

  • The smartest parents are taking their kids out of school.
  • The harshest critics of schools are the former teachers.
  • Kids don’t have time to explore their passions when they’re in school.

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We have a new addition to our family: Kate. If you haven’t read about her, please click over to my career blog and read the story.

That’s Kate, with my youngest son. And our 15 cats. For the past month I have been answering questions about Kate: Read more

This is a guest post from Daphne Gray-Grant. She is a writing and publication coach. 

We started homeschooling our three kids because I’d hated school as a child. I wanted to give them a better life and I knew that had nothing to do with the public school down the street. Or with sitting at the kitchen table supervising math and English workbooks. Read more

Here’s an email I received this week:

I’ve been really insecure lately about college for my oldest, but then every time I research Gen Z these kids are hacking their education and are basically gonna leapfrog over Gen Y… I don’t know how to prepare my kids for that.  Maybe I should just leave them alone.  Did you know that Gen Z prefers having 5 screens and only has an 8 second attention span?  I didn’t, until I read an infographic for marketers to Gen Z.  

Advice?  Especially when the oldest wants to live on Mars…. prep for college or just let her figure it out? Read more

It was easy for me to be anti-curriculum until my son announced he wants a Phd in science.

He goes back and forth. It’s been biology, then chemistry, then physics. And back again. But it’s always in an effort to learn everything he can about how the world works. Either where we come from or where we are or where we’re going. Or all of them. Read more

When I write about college here it is almost always to say that it’s a waste of time. Though sometimes I am scolding myself for caring about getting my kids into a great college given that I also believe it’s a waste of time.

In any case, though, it’s not all that controversial to say that college is becoming useless. Google college wastes time and money, and you’ll get results from mainstream publications like the Wall St. Journal,  the Economist, and the Atlantic.

But increasingly I’m noticing that girls suffer much more from the time wasted at college than boys do. Read more