When I write about college here it is almost always to say that it’s a waste of time. Though sometimes I am scolding myself for caring about getting my kids into a great college given that I also believe it’s a waste of time.

In any case, though, it’s not all that controversial to say that college is becoming useless. Google college wastes time and money, and you’ll get results from mainstream publications like the Wall St. Journal,  the Economist, and the Atlantic.

But increasingly I’m noticing that girls suffer much more from the time wasted at college than boys do. Read more

I do not come from a sports family, but it’s impossible to live in rural Wisconsin and not be affected by sports teams. So last night we watched Wisconsin play Kentucky in the semi-finals. Read more

The SAT is doing away with the essay test, finally acknowledging what free market economy has proven over the last seven years: That the more you pay for SAT tutoring, the higher your score is. Yes, there are exceptions: The kid who was going to get a perfect score no matter what. But that kid didn’t even need the SAT, did she? Read more

Homeschooling is a big risk on the part of a parent—it’s going against what society tells us is right to do with our kids – and it can seem even riskier if you think your kid might not be able to go to college. Read more

This is a guest post from Ian Peters-Campbell, vice president of engineering for Green Dot. He originally wrote this piece on Quora. 

A top school is good for two things: a network and a first-glance pop on your resume. It’s absolutely not necessary, but it can help when you’re new to the industry. Read more

It’s amazing to me that parents who are willing to be academic iconoclasts for homeschooling are suddenly the most conservative people in the world when it comes to college: everyone’s going. Like, the way to prove homeschooling works is your kid goes to college. Read more

Despite knowing that college is an outdated rip off, I am still stuck on the idea that my kids will go to college. My kids are young enough that I continue to live in a fantasy land that they will go to one of the small handful of colleges that the majority of powerful people attend. Read more

Time magazine did a cover package on the end of college. I tell you this because Time magazine is the pulse of American ideas. Something is mainstream when it gets into Time. Because those journalists don’t aim to frame public discussion so much a summarize it in a way to reflect the discussion back to us. Read more

I am convinced that kids should not go to college. It’s overpriced, it’s nonessential to getting a job, and you are more likely to earn a ton of money if you take unconventional paths.  Not that earning money is the primary goal of  life, but for the amount of money college costs, it should be the primary goal of college. Read more

The life of a homeschool parent means spending a lot of time rejecting the school system, defending  counter-culture decisions to naysayers, and gaining self-confidence to be different in a very public way.

Yet after fifteen years of this behavior, parents make the irrational decision to send their kids to college when it’s clear that college is just a repackaged version of failing schools in the US.

In case you think you have some research that shows a college degree makes for a good life, here is a detailed retort against the people trying to prove the value of college still, somehow, exists. Read more