We also spend a lot of time talking about time because we time music practice. My ten-year-old is great at knowing how much time is left during piano practice. He is an ace when it comes to asking me ten minutes before his ten o’clock bedtime if he can just finish what he’s doing. Read more

Ryan Paugh and Caitlin McCabe, who I have known since when they were just out of college, sent me a Christmas card with the most adorable picture of them and their two kids. I emailed Ryan and said, “I love your card so much, that I decided to send my own.” Read more

This post is sponsored by Graphic Stock. I agreed to publish photos from their collection and tell you to go to  their site. The company specializes in creative images. So naturally I was drawn to the images of school art projects. Read more

Last week I published a post on LinkedIn about how people decide how many hours to work. The arc of the post will not surprise you: I worked long hours, I regretted the time I missed with my kids, I cut back on work, then I started homeschooling. It’s the story of connecting with my kids, more than anything. To me, it’s a nice story. Read more

Research is turning up more and more data to support the idea that people become addicted to drugs because of the environment they are in. And it’s compiled nicely in Johann Hari’s  book, Chasing the Scream: The first and last days of the War on Drugs. Read more

I want to tell my friends who send their kids to school to STOP STOP STOP this is crazy. Ours will be the last generation of educated parents to send their kids to public school. How will you explain to your kids that you didn’t see that school is a waste of time? Will you say everyone else was doing it? Really? STOP STOP STOP!!! Read more

If you have a decent sized blog you get tons of pitches from public relations people. And somewhere in the PR rule book it says that you do better with pitches that are tied to current events.

And as we all know, thanks to the industrial revolution, fall is no longer a time for harvest: back to school is the event of fall! Read more

This is a guest post from Lisis Blackston. She is a former pilot and now an unschooling mom.

Trying to talk to most people about homeschooling is a bit like trying to talk to creationists about evolution, or the Big Bang. They are so fiercely opposed to the notion, and have so much invested in their current world view, that it’s nearly impossible to make any headway toward changing their minds. Read more

This is a guest post from Judy Sarden, a homeschooling mother of two, business advisor, writer and attorney. This is a photo of her son.

As the homeschool movement gains social acceptance, more black families are pulling our kids from underperforming public schools and even from private schools where our bright kids are losing their way. Read more

When the US Air Force was designing fighter plane cockpits, they discovered that having the controls in the perfect spot made a big difference in terms of life and death. However, Todd Rose in his TED talk titled The Myth of Average, explains that designing for the perfect position was tricky because there is no useful average dimensions of a man. Each pilot is different. Read more