The first few months of homeschooling were terrifying to me. I have a very social son who had no one to play with.  And I had no idea how to fix that. You guys gave me tons of suggestions. And everything you told me turned out to be true. But the best advice I got was that it’ll happen in time. He’ll make friends, just give him time.

I did not believe it. I’m not a wait-and-see kind of person. But so much of homeschooling is wait-and-see. So much is being patient while the kid learns at his own speed. So much is waiting to see what the kids want to learn. I’m a planner. I’m about hard-driving, achievement-oriented blue-ribbon lifestyles. I work very hard to not force this onto my kids. (Even though I hope hope hope that one of them chooses this for himself.)

So we did cello and skateboarding and dance and all the things my social son chose. And we struggled with scheduling playdates because kids are in school all day (so annoying) and we struggled to match our schedules up with the homschool kids who seem to be largely unscheduled (also annoying).

But in the end, he has friends. He has some friends who go to school, he has some friends who are homeschooled, and he has this little girl, who is his cello friend. Recently, he went to a cello festival, where kids take lessons all weekend. And he and this girl, who knew each other from an earlier festival, were inseparable.

It’s a great lesson for me in patience. I do not have to have every piece of homeschooling worked out from the start. I can let homeschooling unfold in its own way, and trust that the kids will get what they need when they need it. It’s hard for me to not control everything. But I’m learning.