This video, from HelloFlo is the most exciting, inspiring thing I’ve ever seen about getting your period. I just loved it.

I showed it to my sons because I thought: wow, this is the best sex ed class ever. I wanted to buy every girl I know a package from HelloFlo—but I think it’s probably better from a parent. Read more

When the US Air Force was designing fighter plane cockpits, they discovered that having the controls in the perfect spot made a big difference in terms of life and death. However, Todd Rose in his TED talk titled The Myth of Average, explains that designing for the perfect position was tricky because there is no useful average dimensions of a man. Each pilot is different. Read more

Five years ago, I was in the throes of my last startup, Brazen Careerist. During that time we were always running out of money, and I was always traveling to raise money.

At one meeting in the Washington, DC area, there were five guys in a room, and I did my pitch. I told them about the history of the company, why the future looks good, what the plan was – I’m very good at pitching. In fact, some people would say that my problem is that I’m way better at pitching a company than running a company. Read more

We go to the pet store a lot, to play with the ferrets. My son is always trying to convince me to get one. We have had them. There was a time in my life when I traveling every week giving $15,000 speeches, and since I was never home so I tried to solve every problem with money. Read more

I am so excited to read that Albert Wenger, from Union Square Ventures is going to homeschool his kids. His firm invested in Twitter, Tumblr and Kickstarter and they are known for their ability to peg trends with a stroke of genius. So I am thrilled to read that Wenger’s wife, Susan Danzinger, announced that she is planning to hire guides for their kids, who are 13, 13, and 11. Read more

Before I complain about Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, I want to say that I love him. I love that right before Hurricane Sandy, when the people in Atlantic City wouldn’t evacuate, he screamed on television: “Get the hell off the beach!” That screamed authenticity to me. Read more

I don’t need to convince people to homeschool because people in my socioeconomic demographic mostly feel scared that they are not doing it. Most people are not big risk takers, but now, as homeschool grows in popularity,  it’s hard to tell whether it’s more risky to leave kids in school or take kids out. Read more

When it comes to celebrating Independence Day, all I think of is how the rich colonists funded the war to stop paying taxes to England and then founded a national government so they could tax the poor people to pay back the money the rich people paid to fund the revolution. Read more

My son asked me if I could make cookies with him.

I told him I was on a coaching call and to wait fifteen minutes.

He threw a fit and said I always tell him to wait fifteen minutes.

After the call I went downstairs and he was making his own cupcakes.

I thought, Oh my god he used the mixer without me. I told him that I’m blown away that he did it all by himself.

This is unschooling. If I laid out curricula for him then neither of us would be surprised by the choices he made. He would be doing my choices instead.

As a society, how can we justify using our kids as educational guinea pigs for the next generation when there is no evidence that this experiment is even worthwhile? We just forced a whole generation of kids to squander their schools days to No Child Left Behind requirements. The experiment has been derided as largely a failure, yet we are still game to put another generation of kids through another educational experiment.. When will the cult of educational experimentation end, when will parents take their kids back home to learn on their own? Read more